Graduate Horizons 2009 a huge success!

Graduate Horizons Students 2009

I just got back and settled in after an intense weekend full of workshops, panel discussions, late nights working on perfecting my academic resume and personal statement, lectures, and revisions, revisions, revisions! I literally slept all day yesterday to recoup, which is why I’m writing today!

If you know what College Horizons is (which if you are a college bound Native American student, you should!), then Graduate Horizons is just the pre-graduate school version of that. This year’s program was held at the University of California, Berkeley. Here is some info directly from the website:

Graduate Horizons is a four-day “crash course” for Native college students, master’s students or alumni in preparing them for graduate school (master’s, Ph.D. or professional school). Faculty, admission officers and deans from a host of graduate and professional schools and representing hundreds of graduate disciplines will help students:

* Select suitable programs to apply for a given career path
* Complete winning applications and write memorable personal statements
* Learn what turns an applicant into an admitted student
* Become a test-prep “whiz kid” on the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, & MCAT
* Navigate through the financial aid/scholarship jungle
* Explore special issues for Native students
* Learn graduate school survival tips

Participants will be limited to 90 and eligible participants will be Native American (enrolled members only), Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or First Nation; and college students, college graduates, master’s students.

I can honestly say that Graduate Horizons has changed my life in a sense. I now feel that after almost three years since graduating from Mount Holyoke College, I am done talking about applying to graduate school and I’m finally ready to do it! The support, advice, and confidence you get at Graduate Horizons is incredible, especially considering we were only at Berkeley for a weekend!

Thank you to Whitney Laughlin for creating both programs and for running them successfully for so many years, and to Carmen Lopez for taking over and making this year’s program such a success. My younger sister attended College Horizons this year and is just as pumped and excited about the program and applying to school as I am. I cannot thank you both enough for your commitment and dedication to such an underrepresented community. Your believing in our abilities and potential, even when we sometimes don’t see it, is what gives us confidence to go forward with our dreams and strive for the otherwise impossible. Thank you thank you thank you!

For information about College Horizons visit their website and for information about Graduate Horizons go to their webpage.

Amy Stretten, Native Journalist at Berkeley for Graduate Horizons


One thought on “Graduate Horizons 2009 a huge success!

  1. Graduate Horizons was amazing! I must say that it changed my life too. I met some wonderful people and it definitely gave me motivation to continue on with my education. Thank you Whitney!

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