Photoshoot with Adam Bouska – NOH8 Campaign

Post Adam Bouska NOH8 photo shoot - NativeJournalist
Post Adam Bouska NOH8 photo shoot - NativeJournalist

Hey, ya’ll! Well, today was an eventful day! Today I had the honor of being photographed by an amazing photographer and political activist, Adam Bouska, for his NOH8 campaign in his studio in North Hollywood. I kinda brought a Native touch to the studio with my favorite beaded earrings…I wanted to represent! 🙂 I was so excited at the chance to participate in such an awesome artistic movement! What I appreciate most about the NOH8 campaign is that while not everyone is the phone banking, canvasing, or donation-asking type, everyone can get involved in some way to make a difference. Adam uses his amaaaazing photography (and editing) abilities to bring together people from all walks of life who believe in equality and make a statement. By posing for Adam with my NOH8 temporary tattoo on my face, I was taking a stand (as small as it may seem) and yelling, “I support equal rights for ALL people!” So, thank you Adam for giving me the opportunity to model for you and THANK YOU to Grace Chun for doing such an awesome job on my makeup! (Definitely contact her if you want a talented artist for a future project of any kind! She’s a wonder woman with a brush!)

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