“Hidden America: Children of the Plains” – New ABC Special

ABC's Hidden America: Children of the Plains

I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a while.  Please forgive me.  I’ve been working really hard and have been extremely busy with graduate school work and my internship at CNN/HLN’s “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell.”

I have a lot of wonderful things in the works and so much to catch you up on.  But, I can’t do it at this moment.  lol

I’ve come out of hiding to let you all know about (what looks to be) an amazing special by Dianne Sawyer and ABC News.

According to their website, the program will introduce you to “the dreamers and survivors of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.”

Take a look!  And, check it out this Friday on “20/20!”


10 thoughts on ““Hidden America: Children of the Plains” – New ABC Special

  1. Dear Mrs. Sawyer: Here is and idea if you could get a group from habitat for humanity and they could teach skills. Like building plimbing wiring and heating and metal working. You could teach many people to help themselves and thier camunity i believe this to be the best idea going. Bobby Davis

  2. Wonderful show . We need to help these americans first. Keep up this type of specials. Please send info on how my family can help.
    Thank you Diane Sawyer.

  3. This topic was overdue in America. Many people still think all Native Americans are making millions from casinos, but this is absolutely not true!! I hope more future shows will follow other tribes in this vast culture in America. There is no excuse for the poor housing and utility services for areas like these. The Federal government must keep their promise to NA people and never forget!!

  4. Dear Dianne, “THANK YOU!” so very, VERY much for your insightful “SPECIAL” on the Oglala Lakota (Siox) peoples of Pine Ridge Reservation in Kyle, SD. I read an article in National Geographic Magazine MANY YEARS AGO! And, “UNFORTUNATELY,” —– NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED IN ALL THOSE YEARS! Pine Ridge Reservation, 1.5 million acres is the “largest” reservation in the US ….. BUT ….. the “SOIL” is “SO BAD!”, mostly “CLAY” it is very, VERY difficult to plant even ONE harvest PER YEAR! How these “WONDERFUL PEOPLE” ( the ONLY “TRUE NATIVE AMERICANS IN “ALL OF AMERICA!” ) and yet the Bureau of Indian Affairs “OWES the 1,400 existing TRIBES $375. BILLION DOLLARS ( “BROKEN TREATIES! )! UNFORTUNATELY, “THEY” will NEVER see 1 PENNY of these BILLIONS! I recently sent $100. to Ogala Lakota College and, when possible, send what ever I can to the Native American Legal Defence Fund AND College Fund in Boulder, CO! When I see what my grandchildren have as “compared” to the average boy or girl of the reservations I wish I was Warren Buffet or Bill Gates so I could do so much for “THE ONLY REAL “AMERICANS” IN AMERICA” !!!!! Dianne —– HOPEFULLY? —– NEXT YEAR you will do “a follow-up” on your special to see how the children/adults have, HOPEFULLY!, progressed ?????” “THANK YOU!” AGAIN, Dianne and God Bless You so very, VERY much for bringing “your special” to the “attention of AMERICA” !!!!!

  5. I have already posted on FaceBook the story of these struggling Native American Families. I believe with all my heart that at the very least we owe them housing without deadly molds & crumbling roofs, unheated & falling down. I can see perfectly why the dreams & goals of these young warriors & princesses fall to the wayside as they come of age and reality slaps them down. I’m trying to spread the word and accumulate seeds for a healthier future right where they live.Seeds for those fruits & vegies they can’t afford. Next Farming tools and hopefully people with the knowledge to travel there and teach if they don’t know how to farm. I am going to contact churches in my area to organize missions to bring more awareness to the plight of these people, but I wonder, will that help or hurt as Native Americans believe Mother Earth to be God. many religions call God by another name so I think it should not matter. Meanwhile I will begin a petition for change designed to help this tribe and if I accomplish this I will seek change for any other tribes in dire need. I live in Arizona and our Tribes have everything. So much so they are able to offer assistance for all races based on need. There should be balance.I am white if anyone cares but my heart beats the same as any other human being.

  6. I am Cheyenne River Sioiux and my grandmother was born on their reservation which is North of Pineridge. Pineridge is one of the worst reservations in America due to their lack of resources.The closest town is 2 hours away making this a very isolated area for them. I understand that other areas of the world are in dire need of food and shelter, but little is done for our own people in America who were put on land that they could not subsist on. I hope more people who have money to give will watch this documentary and realize there are people in America who need just as much help as people in third world countries. The area called Badlands was named that for a reason!

  7. We really need to put Americans first when it comes to assistance; then we can help others.I am going to do something to help: it may only be warm clothes or school supplies but it will be something. I hope you will repeat this program. People need to know. Cheryl

  8. This is sad that our goverment and the people who know about this and do nothing about it. Why do certain people who have more rights than the one’s who were here first. It’s sad that just because our goverment put the American Indian on these reservations that they can’t get help from them or anybody. Someone needs to call out the Exteme Home Makeover people and the Music Industry to raise money to help the poor. They can raise money for people who lost their things and homes in a Huricane or Tornado. If every rich person in the United states gave a thousand dollars or more we could change things. This is just a little but the right person handling this could make it work. How much would it cost to put just new moblie homes for these kids and their families. People quir sending your money overseas to feed and cloth other people when we have people here who need this. Our goverment needs to quit sending money overseas until we take care of ourselves. It’s not just money either we have to create jobs in these areas. I could go on and on but you get my drift. Maybe someone needs to create a reality show about the poor and give the money back to the poor. Oparh where are you when the Amerian Indian needs help and schools.

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