The New Dandy: My video that aired on CUNY-TV’s “219 West”

Check out the piece I did for CUNY-TV’s newsmagazine show “219 West” that aired recently…

Bow ties, tailored suits, and button-downs are not usually associated with women’s fashion.  But founders of Brooklyn-based fashion brand, Marimacho, have created a line of clothing for masculine-identified women who prefer a more dandy approach to dress.  Amy Stretten has this fashion forward story.  [Fast forward to 10:27 for my piece]

Hope you like it!


219 West – May Episode is Up!

I woke up early this morning (before 6AM) and couldn’t sleep.  So, I thought I’d check to see when the July episode of “219 West” will air since I’m in Canada and can’t see it on TV here.  (I will have two packages air in July, so I will let you know when it’s up so you can check it out!)  I was excited to see that CUNY-TV got a facelift and the new and improved site now shows entire episodes instead of just packages.  So, check out the May episode that I hosted and learn something new about health!


Check out my interview segment on CUNY-TV’s “219 West”

It’s finally up!  You can now watch the news packages aired on CUNY-TV’s news magazine show “219 West” (s.3 ep.2) I anchored here.

I will soon post a reel with the intros I did for each package, as they are not posted online.  For now, I hope you enjoy my interview (below) with the Well-Being Ninja (Twitter: @WellBeingNinja)!

Let me know what you think…

Interview with holistic health coach Elizabeth McGann, the Well-Being Ninja for CUNY-TV’s news magazine show “219 West”


Did you catch me on TV today?

I just had the most surreal moment as I watched myself on TV, anchoring April’s episode of “219 West,” CUNY-TV’s news magazine show produced by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism!

Anchoring the newscast for my Broadcast Craft the April episode of CUNY-TV's "219West" program I anchored aired.

If you missed it, no worries…it will air again on 4/16 at 8pm and 4/17 at 10am on Channel 75 (Time Warner Cable).  If you live outside of the New York City area, do not fret!  I will be sure to post clips from the show here on as well as on my website!

Many thanks again for all of your support!


Watch CUNY-TV’s “219 West” next week!

Amy Stretten on CUNY-TV's news magazine show "219 West"


Hello to all of my loyal followers!

My apologies for the lack of content on over the past several months! I have been very busy, as you may know, studying at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism. I have spent nearly every waking moment producing news packages for both TV and radio, photo slide shows, and print articles for each of my classes. I have tried to keep you in the loop by tweeting (@amystretten) news I wish I had time to blog about, checking in on Foursquare (@amystretten) everywhere of interest that I visit, and have recently created a “clips” section for my published work and a “work samples” section to show the work I have most recently produced (here on

I am happy to announce that I will be hosting April’s episode of “219 West,” CUNY-TV’s news magazine show which will air next Wednesday, 4/13 (on TWC Ch. 75) at 10am, 3pm, and 11pm. It will air again on 4/16 at 8pm and 4/17 at 10am. I will be introducing various news stories throughout the show and will be interviewing Elizabeth McGann, the Well-Being Ninja, a holistic health coach based in New York City, about how we can all live balanced lives on a budget.

For those who live outside of New York City, I will post a link to the episode so you can view it online as soon as it is made available.

Thank you everyone for all of your support thus far!

Being given the opportunity to host this program was a dream come true. It feels so good to be doing what I’ve always wanted to!