NAJA Responds to Michael Steel’s Racist Remark

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA – Ronnie Washines, Native American Journalists Association President responds to RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s use of the racial slur, “Injun” (a racial slur for Native Americans) during an interview with Sean Hannity on FOX News. Steele said that the Republican Party platform is “one of the best political documents that’s been written in the past 25 years – Honest Injun on that.”

Washines’ response on behalf of NAJA and the larger Native American community:

“I am thoroughly outraged that the leader of the National Republican Party would use such repulsive language on national television. Those of us in journalism have tirelessly worked to ensure that political leaders, newsrooms and the public be respectful to all cultures when speaking publically. Michael Steele’s scurrilous tongue does no service to his group and only undermines the positive work of those who sincerely seek to respect one another in all of our working relationships. I urge Michael Steele to carefully word a sincere apology to the Native American community, which could help stop such uneducated archaic racist remarks from being made in the future. We here at NAJA are available to assist him and his organization with obtaining an accurate understanding of Native America.”

In case you have not yet seen the video yet, watch it here.

One thought on “NAJA Responds to Michael Steel’s Racist Remark

  1. I believe the NFL (Washington) team mascot is more offensive, a blitzing Al Sharpton defender for supposedly minorities, whom is a part of the NFL is blinded by money fronting for the NFL. Is this insanity? This hurt more. His windshild wiper is broken? Redskin doesn’t seem to fit as racist by his standard or the NFL.

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